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Value Scrabble Tiles

Lead with Value, Not Skills

Want to land your next job? To stand out from the pack in this competitive job market, it's critical to lead with the value you can deliver instead of your skill sets. Do your homework and reframe your story to ensure hiring managers pay attention.

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Releasing balloons

Unwind Your Mind

Anxiety can stem from feeling like we can't wrap our arms around everything - when we are not in control. The path to peace lies in recognizing what we cannot control and letting it go. Here are 5 practical steps to help you unwind your mind.

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The Thinker - Auguste Rodin

Finding Wisdom in the Process

When faced with a dilemma, big or small, do you rush to solve it? If so, you may be missing out on the wisdom that comes from mindful decision-making. Learn why we act this way and how to adopt a slower, more meaningful approach.

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Mushrooms and flowers

Mushrooms vs. Flowers - What's In Your Garden?

What kind of environment do you want to create for those people around you? It may be easier to keep them in the dark, but by creating a culture of transparency, honesty, encouragement, and support, you can yield a bigger bounty.

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The Conversation

You Aren't Learning While You're Talking

I once had a boss say to me, "You have 2 ears and 1 mouth - use them in that proportion." Deep listening is hard, but so very worth it...

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Angry Beast

How to Tame the Emotion Beast

When we experience frustration or criticism, it's our nature to fall back on instinct and want to react immediately. Instead, learn the three steps that can help you tame your Emotional Beast for a better outcome.

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Walking across hot coals

Walking On Hot Coals

Preparing to walk across hot coals requires releasing one's fear and mastering one's emotions. However, it is only once we step off the coals that we experience a deep sense of gratitude and openness for whatever comes next.

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Baby looking at itself in the mirror

Rediscovering Your Essential Realness

In "The Velveteen Rabbit", a stuffed toy becomes real after being loved fiercely and learning to love and accept himself. Shedding our learned identities to rediscover what brings us joy opens up a world of possibility.

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Chicken crossing a road

If Only the Chicken Had a Coach…

What does a chicken crossing the road have to do with coaching? It's really not about the chicken, it's about the journey. And like with most journeys, the first step is often the hardest.

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