• Midlife Transitions
    Who says that getting older can't be the best opportunity to reinvent and revitalize yourself? Working with people "of a certain age" who are looking for meaning and satisfaction in their careers and their personal lives is one of my favorite things. In your 40's, 50's, 60's or beyond? Get ready to turn your midlife into your best life!

  • Perfect and Own your Brand
    Everyone has a story to tell and wisdom to share, but sometimes they don't know how to communicate that. Shaping your story - the "value" you bring to the table - should be a fulfilling and enjoyable process, not a grind. With my executive experience in marketing, I love finding the threads to weave together to share with the world (and yourself) who you are and what you can accomplish.

  • On the Job Coaching
    Want to be coached while you work? Are you someone who learns better by doing vs. listening? Want to improve your skills and how you operate in your work environment, build your professional relationships? I'm happy to customize our engagement either with you directly or through your organization to deliver the best outcome.

  • Job Transitions
    Looking to change roles? Recently laid off? Interested in starting your own business or buying one? In a new job and need some guidance on the most effective 30/60/90 day plan? Moving into the next phase in your career? I can help you excel with practical, proven guidance and coaching as you tackle whatever business challenge lies ahead of you.

    Finding Your Joy
    In a funk? Looking to make a change but not sure how to begin? Feeling stuck and don't know how to get yourself out? These challenges are often due to being held back by a set of limiting beliefs that follow us from our childhood and shaped/reinforced over time. I excel in helping you uncover what is holding you back, tearing down walls you may not even have known existed, and charting a path to what comes next.

Session Pricing:
- Single session pricing: $300/hour
- Packages of 5 (includes initial 1.5 hour session plus 4 additional 1 hour sessions): $1,250

Initial sessions are 1.5 hours so that we can get to know each other better. Subsequent sessions are 1 hour. When scheduling your session, you may select the appropriate session time. I also offer an optional "get to know you" intake form which should be filled out and emailed back to me at least 24 hours before our first session. A link to the form will be included with the confirmation of your session or you can find it here.

I typically work with my clients remotely - via phone (or Skype or WhatsApp, if you prefer), or video call (Google Meet). If you have a preference on format, please add that to your notes when scheduling your session. Have a question in between sessions? Feel free to email me at

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